Keytech Equipments Pvt. Ltd   manufactures internals for Equipments for  Fertilizers,  Refinery , & petrochemical  plants.

For Fertiliser plants Trays for Urea Reactor, Gas Distributor, Sieve Trays Thermowell, Ferrules for HP Stripper, Pipes & Fittings, Fastener, Lens Gasket.

For Refinery and petrochemical plants TOWER INTERNALS Trough Distributor Pipe Distributor Spray Distributor Vapour Distributor Liquid Distributor Grid Type Support Hold Down Grid.

Equipment internals are made from  High grade Stainless steel, Urea Grade Stainless steel, Special Steels, Austenitic S S. Duplex & Super-duplex, and Exotic Alloys.

Manufacturing is done as per relevant International standards such as ASME / ASTM / DIN / & Leading process Saipem , Stamicarbon ,Toyo & Urea Casale.with Third party inspection by LRA ,PDIL.

The Product Range includes specialized Valves, Pipes & Fittings, Chemical Process Equipments made from:

  • High grade Stainless Steel

  • Urea Garde Steel

  • Super Duplex

  • Titanium & other exotic materials
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